The Saddle Company is at the forefront of saddle design and manufacture in the UK. We offer a comprehensive range of saddles for both horse and rider, giving you unrivalled choice and flexibility. Formed by Master Saddler David Johnson in 2000. We are now located in Walsall – the historical home of saddle making in the UK.

The Saddle Company are committed to horse and rider. Our saddles have three key characteristics that stand them apart from many other Saddles.

Our founder, David, has a long career in the saddle making industry, and when forming The Saddle Company, all of his experience was channelled into developing innovative which benefited the comfort and performance of both horse and rider.

  1. The use of a Serge Lining on the saddles panels
  2. A symmetrical, polypropylene moulded tree
  3. Continuing Innovation – in both product and style

It is quite unique that David actually rides himself and still fits regularly. This is a crucial part of the growth of the company.

The Saddle Company is also an independent trainer, training independent saddle fitters to fit Saddle Company saddles. View upcoming training courses here >

The Saddle Company exports it's own trees and saddles all over the world.
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We can also repair or replace trees in any make or brand of saddle, whether they are broken or you simply require your saddle to be adjustable. We regularly service saddles for our customers to ensure they remain well fitting and the flocking soft and well regulated.  See repairs and servicing >