Q.Why do you use synthetic trees?

A. We use synthetic trees because they offer a precise and balanced tree, which has no imperfections. The Tree moulds are designed on a cad system so are completely symmetrical and balanced. 

The trees are made by our partner company Treetec from polypropylene which is a very light weight durable material.  The trees all carry a ten year guarantee against breakage and twisting.

The trees are adjustable, either at the time of assembling the saddle or later as the horse changes shape and muscles up through work etc. This is a major benefit to young horses and horses that are a remedial fit especially, which can change shape many times during their development period.

Many of our approved stockists and fitters carry saddle re-templating machines which means that your saddle can be re-templated on-site without delay. Alternatively they can be returned to our factory and can be adjusted there.


Q.What is the benefit of having wool flocked serge panels?
A. Serge is a natural, breathable material and whilst it will absorb moisture and sweat it dries out very quickly allowing the flocking inside to retain its natural softness. It is soft and warm to the horses back and allows the horse greater freedom of movement through the back and shoulders. Many people see significant changes in their horses shape and movement in a very short period of time.


Q.Is it possible to have my saddle reflocked as you would a conventional saddle?
A.Yes. We use the same high quality flocking as other traditional saddle makers; this is white lambs wool in leather panels and grey synthetic in serge panels. It is important that these two types of flocking are not mixed together in the same panel. A grey flocked panel must be re-flocked with grey and a white flocked panel must be reflocked with white.  The serge panels can also be regulated by a qualified Saddle Company Fitter.


Q.How much do your saddles cost?
A. Our prices fall in between full synthetic and all leather quality saddles. Please contact us for details of your nearest fitter who will advise on any prices.


Q.What materials do you use in your saddles?
A. Some of our saddles are made from a combination of leather and synthetics others are full leather. This has the benefit of making our saddles lightweight and affordable and extremely comfortable for the horse and rider.


Q.How do I look after my saddle?
A. Our saddles are very easy to maintain. The leather and synthetic models need only be treated with a leather food. You do not have to oil this saddle. On the full leather range use a combination of oil and leather food as you would on any other standard leather saddle, which should be done approximately every two weeks depending on how often you use your saddle. In between, a wipe over with a damp cloth is sufficient to keep your saddle in pristine condition. On our saddles with suede or nubuck seats and kneepads again we recommend just a wipe over with a damp cloth. We do not recommend that you use a wire suede brush on any of our products.


Q.Where can I buy one of your saddles?
A. Ring or email our factory direct and we will advise you of the nearest stockist/fitter in your area.