At The Saddle Company, we also undertake leather repairs. We can help you refresh your saddle so that it looks much newer and can give it many years of additional life as well as looking smarter.

We can replace:

  • saddle flaps
  • straps
  • piping
  • stitching

If your saddle flocking has become flat and needs replacing, we can reflock them, which rejuvenates the saddle so that it can mould to the horse that wears it as a new saddle would. 

We are also able to replace trees in other makes of saddle other than The Saddle Company. So whether you have a saddle that no longer fits, a broken tree or want to update your saddle so that it is adjustable, you can retain your existing saddle and we can install one of our TreeTec saddle trees. This is a much more economical option than buying a new saddle, and also can give longer life to a saddle which would otherwise not be useable.

For more information on repairs, please feel free to contact us.