The new Saddle Company Stud Guard will soon be added to our range of girths. Further to requests from our showjumping customers, we have developed a girth which has all of the benefits of our forward girth, with the addition of a deeper leather protective pad.

This girth is ideal for horses who catch their underside when jumping. The thick leather prevents injury and distributes the pressure of the stud guard evenly.

Manufactured to the same high standard as the Forward Ergonomic girth, the Stud girth can help prevent injuries from studs, or simply tucking the legs up high when jumping.

Made from thick duarable leather, the girth is excellent quality and handmade in Walsall. Both ends of the girth have thick elastic and stainless steel buckles. The Saddle Company logo is embossed upon the leather and there is a central underside steel karabina for attachments.

For more information, please contact us.