A guide to looking after your new Saddle Company Saddle

The Saddle Company Ltd use serge wool panels which provide just about the softest and most forgiving material that you can put onto your horses back. The flocking underneath the serge is soft and springy when it leaves the factory and the first few hours of the saddles use are critical in moulding the serge and flocking to fit your horses back. This is known as the "bedding in" period.


The Bedding-in Process

  • When you first sit in the saddle you will see the clearance between the pommel and the horses back is quite high. This will, in just a few minutes, sink to about three fingers high. This is normal as the majority of the riders weight is placed over the stirrup bars, which are nearer to the front of the saddle.

  • Within three hours of riding time all the flocking should have bedded in and you will find the saddle is now fitting perfectly and balanced. Small children and light adults may find that this period may take a little longer.

  • Ensure that you check your girth regularly within the bedding in period. As the flocking settles, your girth will become loose.

  • Ride in walk and trot for the first three hours to encourage the saddle to bed in evenly.

Because the moulding of the saddle to your horses back is taking place during the bedding in period, it is very important that you take care to ensure you and the saddle are balanced centrally over the horses back.

Once your saddle is bedded in, it will have moulded to the shape of your horses back. View information on cleaning your saddle here.

You will need to check your saddle regularly to ensure it remains well fitting for your horse. Remember your horse can change shape as they build or lose condition, or as their weight changes. We recommend that you have your saddle checked every six months.

Your local Saddle Company fitter, can adjust the width of your saddle and regulate the flocking to keep it well fitting.